About the ICU

The Internationalist Communist Union is a current which bases itself on the heritage left successively, by Marx and Engels, Rosa Luxemburg, Lenin and Trotsky, through the ideas they fought for. The ICU considers that the capitalist organisation of human society belongs to its past, not to its future. Its considers that the capitalist society - which is based on private property, the market, competition and profit - will have to be replaced, on a worldwide scale, with a society based on the collective ownership of natural resources and means of production and on a democratically planned economy, capable of providing to each and everyone an equal access to all material and cultural resources and assets.

The ICU bases itself on the heritage of the 1917 Russian revolution, which it considers as the first and, so far, the only case of a revolution in which the proletariat took over state power for a significant length of time, in an attempt to implement a collectivist transformation of society, before being deprived of political power by the dictatorship of a usurping bureaucracy.

The organisations affiliated to the ICU consider that communist ideas must be reintroduced into the working class, which is the only force capable of turning these ideas into an instrument of social transformation.

The activists belonging to ICU-affiliated organisations participate in workers' day-to-day struggles as much as they can. But in doing so, they strive to defend the general political interests of the working class as a whole. These activists are convinced that only the working class is capable of replacing capitalism with a free, fraternal and human society, because it constitutes a majority of the population and has no interest in perpetuating the present state of society.

The working class is also the only social group, which, due to its numbers and concentration, has the means to control the political power that would come out of its intervention. The ICU activists consider that on a world scale, the working class is one single social class and that its participation in every stage of the production and distribution of goods allows it to democratically control all the cogs of the economy, in such a way as to ensure that it caters for the needs of all.

The journal, "Lutte de Classe", which is made available online on this website, is the French-language collective expression of the ICU. In addition, every organisation affiliated to the ICU has its own publications - a political press as well as, in most cases, a workers' press in the form of regular workplace bulletins.

The organisations affiliated to the ICU are:

The "Union Communiste (Trotskyste)" in France, better known under the name of its weekly paper, "Lutte Ouvrière".

"Combat Ouvrier" in Martinique and Guadeloupe. - The "Union Africaine des Travailleurs Communistes Internationalistes" (UATCI), which is active in Ivory-Coast as well as among African immigrants in France.

The "Organisation des Travailleurs Révolutionnaires-UCI" (OTR-UCI) in Haïti.

The activists of Workers' Fight in Britain. - The Trotskyist activists regrouped around the journal Sinif Mücadelesi, in Turkey.

In Spain, the Trotskyist group Voz Obrera which, in addition to its monthly paper of the same name, publishes a journal, Lucha de Clase.

The Communist Workers' Circle "L'Internazionale", in Italy.

Bund Revolutionärer Arbeiter (Revolutionary Workers' Union) in Germany

The activists organised around the paper Lutte Ouvrière-Arbeidersstridj in Belgium

In addition, the ICU maintains fraternal relations with the activists of the Spark group in the USA.

In addition to the publications of these organisations or groups of activists, the translations of many ICU documents can be found on this website, in the following languages: English, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, Turkish, Arabic, Greek, Chinese and Farsi.